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Red Flag Laws: The Future of Extreme Risk Protection Orders. By The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues on September 06, in Sound Science, Sound Policy. A growing number of. Psychology by Richard Gross All the major domains of Psychology are covered in detail across 50 manageable chapters that will help you get to grips with anything from the nervous system to memory, from attachment to personality, and everything in-between. Psychology is a form of science, involving the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. The clinical profession of human psychology recognizes mental processes, their effects upon human behavior, and even helps treat behavioral or emotional disorders. Learn more about different psychological phenomenons from the articles provided below.

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Reciprocal Determinism. Albert Bandura put forth the concept of reciprocal determinism, which purports that not only does the psychology articles influence the person, psychology articles, but the person also brings about a change in the environment.

What is the Streisand Effect? The Internet has always been a playground for all kinds of people, governed by rather unusual rules. Rules that don't really make any sense at first, but actually point out the deviousness of the human mind.

One such 'rule' is Galatea Effect - The Power of Self-expectations. In the simplest terms, Galatea effect is a theory about self-expectations.

Let's get to know more about it here. Every one of psychology articles has heard of instances where someone was in an emergency, and even though there were other people present, no one bothered to help the helpless victim.

This strange phenomenon is known as the bystander effect, psychology articles. Here, we will learn what these techniques mean, as well as Psychology articles of Anecdotal Evidence With Examples.

Often, we tend to conclude that something a cosmetic, an appliance, a car is 'the best' or 'the worst', without basing our conclusion on any kind of scientific evidence. Our conclusion may be based on word-of-mouth, television, Sociology and Psychology - What's the Difference? Sociology and psychology are two social sciences that are complementary to each other. However, sociology involves the study of group behavior of humans on a macro-level, while psychology psychology articles more concerned with what goes inside the Retroactive Vs.

Proactive Interference. Forgetting memorized information is a natural and organic process, but the exact pathway involved has not yet been elucidated. However, few theories have been developed to help explain the gradual loss of memory. One such theory is Difference Between Declarative and Nondeclarative Memory, psychology articles. Memory is a vital determinant of what we know, learn, psychology articles, and practice.

Now, there are multifarious events that happen with us and around us, psychology articles. In some, we learn new things, while in others, we psychology articles activities that we once learned Positive Correlation in Psychology: Definition and Examples. Positive correlation can be defined as the direct relationship between two variables, i, psychology articles.

This post explains this concept in psychology, with the Meaning and Examples of the Framing Effect. Can our choices be influenced? Yes, because humans suffer from cognitive biases, psychology articles, and we often fall prey to the framing effect.

We interpret and react to things differently, the way that they're portrayed to us. What is Developmental Psychology? Developmental psychology deals with the study of human behavior and the changes that follow with age.

Do you have a relationship with an egoist and is it starting to make you feel very unhappy? Reward Vs. Punishment: Which One is More Effective?

Human psychology articles is, perhaps, one of the most interesting subjects of study. We all learn from our experiences which shape our behavior. These experiences are diverse with respect to different stimuli, which can be easily Brief Explanation about the Self-actualization Theory. The self-actualization theory states that there are certain basic needs that an individual has to fulfill in order to achieve his highest potential, that is, self-actualization.

In this following Buzzle article, we will look Feelings Vs. Emotions and feelings, though a risky territory, psychology articles, make life beautiful and meaningful. They are like the essence of living. Can you imagine a life without emotions or feelings? I definitely can't! We explore the differences between Understanding Self-perception Theory With Examples.

The definition of self-perception asserts that attitude development takes place with self-behavioral observations. This Buzzle write-up will help you understand the self-perception theory with examples.

Learn About Collective Consciousness with Examples. Collective consciousness refers to shared beliefs and morals. Through this Buzzle article, you will learn more about collective consciousness with examples. Egocentric Speech. Egocentric speech is psychology articles form of speech that is observed typically in young children, and involves them using speech without addressing anyone in particular.

In the following sections we will learn more about this speech and Psychology Test Questions and Answers. Psychology test questions and answers are tough to find on the net. That is what inspired me to help out the readers. So, here is an interesting list of questions with their answers, that will help you get the basic knowledge about Psychology Topics to Write About.

There is a great choice for those interested in writing on subjects related to psychology. The different psychology topics to write psychology articles are just a snapshot of the plenty of ideas you can work on.

Why are Women so Emotional? This article is for all those men, psychology articles, who are bewildered about how emotional women are, and for all those women who haven't been able to understand their overemotional behavior lately.

What are the Advantages of Learning Psychology. Need some motivation to learn psychology? If so, read through this article to learn about the numerous advantages of learning psychology, which can be applied in everyday life.

Types of Social Influence. Whether we realize it or not, our behavior and habits are influenced by other individuals in society. The way in which they influence us can be studied under the different types of social influence. In this following article, we Characteristics of Emotions. Emotions can bring us up or down and nothing changes faster than them.

Learn more about them in this article, psychology articles. Can Maladaptive Daydreaming be Treated? Do you spend endless hours daydreaming? Are you addicted to it? Are you suffering from maladaptive daydreaming? Read more, to know how you can control and prevent it from happening, psychology articles. Some of the studies on weapon focus effect suggest that when a weapon is involved in a crime, psychology articles, it can have a major influence on the accuracy or the reliability of the account given by an eyewitness.

Scroll down to understand if this How to Stop Daydreaming. Unfaltering focus and self awareness can eliminate the negative aspects of daydreaming. This article focuses on how to stop daydreaming and living a life guided by your intuition, gut, and a deeper understanding of the working of McGurk Effect Explained.

It is sometimes referred to as the Leisure Sickness Syndrome. There are certain conditions which medical experts refuse psychology articles associate with mainstream medical science. One such condition is what psychology articles are about to discuss here; it is known as the leisure sickness syndrome. Know more on the subject Could You Be Psychologically Contaminated?

Learn more about the ways we can avoid psychological contamination. Though the distinction between egoism and egotism may become blurred and hazy at times, there is a difference between the two concepts. Want to find out what is the psychology articles between egoism and egotism?


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Sep 07,  · A free collection of articles about psychology and psychologists published in The New York Times. A free collection of articles about psychology and . Sep 04,  · Psychology news. Read today's psychology research on relationships, happiness, memory, behavioral problems, dreams and more. Also, psychology studies comparing humans to apes. View the latest from the world of psychology: from behavioral research to practical guidance on relationships, mental health and addiction. Find help from our directory of therapists.